Disco Lives On…

With Bollywood Flair

Take the bright colors and extravagant dance numbers of Bollywood, add the funky beats of disco, and what do you get? Bollywood Disco: an elevation of both art forms!

Disco originated in the West, but Bollywood movies created a uniquely Indian form of disco. Bollywood films and disco are both sometimes seen as being overly flashy, yet it is in Bollywood where disco took on more emotional depth.

Jimmy Aaja

You may have heard the Bollywood disco song “Jimmy Aaja” before. It ...

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The Appeal of Bollywood in the Pacific Northwest


The Appeal of Bollywood in the Pacific Northwest

By Tess Hansen

University of Washington

March 11, 2016


The purpose of my research is to shed light on the growing popularity of Bollywood in Washington and Oregon states. My research draws on phone, e-mail, and in person interviews with collegiate level Bollywood dancers and a Bollywood DJ/teacher. In addition to this material, I participated in a Bollywood practicum and viewed two University of ...

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So You Think You Can Dress Bollywood

Bollywood Costume Contest!

Saturday Feb 20, Jai Ho! 6 Years Anniversary in Portland

I invite you to dress Bollywood style to celebrate 6 years of non-stop dancing up a storm at Jai Ho! dance party. This magical night will feature Violinder (SF), Justina (LED Hula), FREE Chai, Dirty Chai (drink specials), Chaat-N-Roll (snacks for sale), Henna (by donation), dance lesson, performances by Jai Ho! dance troupe & of course party all night with ...

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