Bollywood Dance Classes

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Date(s) – 05/24/2017

Dance With Joy Studios


Bollywood Dance Class in Portland

Beginners class will be taught by Brittany on May 17 & May 24.

Have you ever wanted to try dancing – Bollywood style? 


We will be starting fresh with a new series at our new home, Dance with Joy Studios!

Bollywood Level 1 – 7:30pm-8:30pm

This Bollywood dance class is ideal for all ages & all levels. During the first part of class, we will learn the basic moves of Bollywood & in the second half we will put them together in a simple, playful choreography. After learning a full song, students may have the opportunity to perform at our monthly Jai Ho! Dance Party events & other cultural events around the city.

Bollywood Level 2 – 8:30pm-9:30pm

This dance class is ideal for teenagers & above with prior dance experience with DJ Prashant. All new students should start at the level 1 class & talk to Prashant before joining level 2. We will progress briskly each week to learn new moves & perform regularly at Jai Ho! dance parties & other cultural events.

Classes are typically held every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm at Dance With Joy Studios. Both classes will have an opportunity (not required) to perform at our monthly Jai Ho! Dance Party & other cultural events. 


How much does it cost? 
Just $75 for 6 class card or $15 to drop-in. Pay money at the studio itself. Cash preferred, check & credit card accepted. 

Dance with Joy Studios, 7981 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

About Prashant – Singer, Dancer, DJ:

Prashant brings over 10 years of experience in teaching dance at universities (PSU, REED & PCC), various dance studios (Portland & Seattle) & hundreds of cultural events to people from all ages, cultures & nationalities. When he is not traveling across the US teaching dance or DJ’ing, Prashant spends time practicing Yoga & Singing.

About Brittany:

The character driven nature of Bollywood music & dance captures her elegance & charisma perfectly. As the lead dancer and assistant instructor for the Jai Ho! Dance Troupe, Brittany has performed & taught dance across the US.



What can I wear for dance class? 
Workout or Yoga clothes are great, anything you can stretch & sweat in really. You are welcome to wear shoes that support your dancing as necessary.

What can I bring to the dance class? 
Water bottle is a great idea, your smile & awesome attitude is an added bonus.

What is a typical beginner class like? 
We start with a warmup & stretching followed by learning basic Bollywood/Bhangra moves. We then spend some time slowly learning a new choreography.

Can I drop-in to beginners class? 
We repeat choreography taught in beginners class pretty much every week so yes, you should be able to drop-in on most weeks.

Can I drop-in to intermediate class? 
You need to talk to Prashant before starting intermediate class. Typically 1-3 beginners sessions are recommended before starting intermediate class.