Delhi Belly + DJ Suketu Dance Videos

Thank you 2000+ dance friends for all the love to the Delhi Belly Flash Mob Dance at March Forth Band’s Annual (SOLD OUT) show at The Crystal Ballroom!

Here is the video to practice the Delhi Belly song! Composed by Luke Solman, Choreography by Prashant Kakad. Dancers on screen, Jen Forti and Ariel Brantley. Special thanks to Ariel for connecting us all! 🙂

Also, here is the choreography about 25 of my dance class students will be dancing to on March 12th at The Roseland Theater for

DJ Suketu’s show, India’s No.1 Bollywood DJ, 1st time in Portland!

Learn the chorus part (Prem Ki Naiyya) and do it with us flash mob style on March 12th? 😉