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Behind The Scenes w/ Prashant – Video

January 20, 2011 @ 4 Comments

Behind the scenes with Bollywood Singer, Dancer and DJ – Prashant as he demonstrates innovative LIVE video DJ’ing he performed for the first Jai Ho Dance Party on Jan 23 2010 as well as gives a preview of a completely different style of DJ’ing with live remixing to be performed for the Jai Ho One Year Anniversary on Jan 22, 2011.

Video capture and edit by Janaka

4 Comments → “Behind The Scenes w/ Prashant – Video”

  1. admin

    2 years ago

    I use both Serato and Traktor bro :)

  2. aditya

    3 years ago

    which dj mixing software r u using ?

  3. admin

    3 years ago

    Come soon! :)

  4. Sheenu

    3 years ago

    Man, I wish I was in Portland.

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