Behind The Scenes w/ Prashant – Video

Behind the scenes with Bollywood Singer, Dancer and DJ – Prashant as he demonstrates innovative LIVE video DJ’ing he performed for the first Jai Ho Dance Party on Jan 23 2010 as well as gives a preview of a completely different style of DJ’ing with live remixing to be performed for the Jai Ho One Year Anniversary on Jan 22, 2011.

Video capture and edit by Janaka



  1. admin  May 4, 2011

    I use both Serato and Traktor bro :)

  2. aditya  March 19, 2011

    which dj mixing software r u using ?

  3. admin  February 2, 2011

    Come soon! :)

  4. Sheenu  February 2, 2011

    Man, I wish I was in Portland.

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