Welcome to the website of Bollywood Dreams Entertainment, LLC

Bollywood Dreams Entertainment is the dynamic event company that brought renowned Mumbai-based DJ SUKETU to Portland’s Roseland Theater in March 2010, for a show that attracted over 800 people. Their second show with legendary DJ Akbar Sami was sold out in both Portland and Seattle!  BDE is also responsible for the popular bi-monthly Jai Ho dance parties at Lola’s Room under the Crystal Ballroom, featuring authentic Bollywood and Bhangra themed music nights.

Mumbai born President, Prashant Kakad (Cornell Alum, and former Intel Engineer) is the multi talented face of BDE. A Singer, DJ, and Dance Instructor, his mission is to enrich the U.S. musical experience by drawing and presenting the best talent, straight from India.  A bonus feature with BDE events is the enthusiasm and interest Prashant generates through his introductory dance lessons and advanced workshops. Participants quickly warm to his personable style, rich choreographic skills and highly accessible teaching approach to some of the world’s most exuberant dance forms.