Charismatic Bollywood Entertainer

Prashant has the mostly non-Hindi speaking 2000+ strong audience singing, dancing & having the time of their life outdoors at Pioneer Courthouse Square for the International Conference, World Domination Summit.

He has been a crowd favorite since the inception of WDS, the only entertainer-speaker to perform 4 years in a row.

Meet Prashant

Prashant’s TEDx Talk:
Bollywood “The Timing Is Right” – TEDx (Video)

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News Coverage:

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Founder, Choreographer, Bollywood DJ

A one-of-a-kind Bollywood showman, Prashant sings, dances & DJ’s simultaneously with a simple agenda, to make people dance all night long. Prashant’s effortless charisma instantly strikes a chord with audiences of all ages & nationalities. The interactive dance lessons cleverly disguised in his DJ set compel everybody to rock the dance floor, transforming any dance party into a full fledged Bollywood musical within minutes.

Prashant’s work has been featured on TV-Asia, King5-TV, KGW-TV & newspapers such as The Oregonian, The Asian Reporter & Helena Air. Through his energetic performance, Prashant has moved masses across both coasts of America including in NYC, Washington D.C., Bay Area, L.A., Montana, Virgina, Idaho, Seattle and Portland.

In January 2010, he founded Jai Ho! a popular monthly dance party in Portland & Seattle. The innovative themes that set Jai Ho! apart are transforming the club culture of Pacific NW bringing elements of Indian festive spirit (like Holi Colors, Dandiya Sticks etc) into the nightclub scene. Additionally, Prashant has been teaching dance for over 8 years now, his Portland based semi-professional dance troupe is comprised of dancers from all walks of life, united by their love for all things Bollywood.

In his TEDx talk, this Cornell graduate shared his story of transformation from being an Intel engineer to now being celebrated as one the most exuberant Bollywood entertainers across the US. Prashant continues to inspire others to follow their dreams, one dance party at a time.


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